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Juniper Plant

5th - 7th Grade Programs

 Our 5th-7th Grade program consists of creative and amazing classes and clubs. We offer core academic courses in ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science which incorporate fun, hands-on projects to nurture student creativity. Juniper Tree also offers an Entrepreneur Class where students create and operate their own real businesses and learn to generate a steady income for themselves.

For students pursuing the college path (or both entrepreneur and college), Juniper Tree will be soon be offering 8th graders an option to begin taking college classes free of charge. We are currently working with local community colleges that offer free General Education college classes for students under 18 yrs old. This will allow students to transfer to a 4-yr University of their choice after completing half their program for free before the age of 18. Students can begin courses online at 15 yrs of age  under the guidance and mentorship of Juniper Tree.

Student Government plays a larger role in the middle school years. All students and teachers have an equal voice in discussions and an equal vote on decisions. Student government creates and enforces rules and are also included in almost all important matters involving the program. For example, students are included in the process of hiring staff. Our goal is to eventually give almost complete responsibility to our student government for ensuring Juniper Tree is running smoothly.

Lastly but most importantly, the heart of the program will continue to be student-directed with free exploration. The student schedule will allow ample time for natural student-led learning. Majority of our classes are chosen and voted on by the students. All classes are optional and considered offerings to choose from throughout the day. The goal is for students to find the answers to important questions such as "Who am I?" and "What do I really want to do?". We hope every student here will discover and pursue their greatest passions, and share their gifts with the world.

Below are the current course offerings at Juniper Tree - approved by our beloved students and teachers.

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