Language Arts Program (Mon/Wed)

The Language Arts program emphasizes high quality literature through story-telling, reading aloud, drama, creative writing and poetry. The central goal of the program is to have children emerge as strong readers who find joy in literature, and as strong writers who can express themselves authentically and creatively. Montessori materials and manipulatives are used for hands on learning in literacy and writing. The Montessori curriculum allows each child to learn at her/his own pace. Waldorf's beautiful fairy tales and art are also  implemented to bring literature and writing to life.

Cooking and Literacy:  The children have cooking classes to learn how to make nutritious and healthy meals. They each compile a written recipe book to further their writing skills.

Literacy and Dramatic Play: Every month, the children run their restaurant which they named "Chef's Table". The kitchen and all its cooking utilities are open to the children for use (with supervision). The children  collaborate on their own to run a cafe, writing down orders, creating menus, writing signs, and of course preparing real food to serve happy customers.

Literacy and Art: The children enjoy many art projects throughout the year. The Visual arts provide ways for students to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas about themselves and their world. They also help develop literacy skills such as writing, by improving their fine motor abilities and physical coordination. Reading is brought to life through creative art and encourages the children to express themselves in both verbal and non-verbal ways.



The following are some of the materials and concepts that are covered in the program:

Montessori Phonics

Waldorf Fairy tales



Reading Fluency


Composition: From prompts, captions, narrations and dictation

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