Math Program (Tues/Thurs)





Our Math program is a beautiful combination of Montessori and Waldorf learning concepts. Montessori math manipulatives will be introduced to learn various math concepts. Depending on the child's level, the Montessori K-3 curriculum includes number recognition, decimal system, geometry, four operations of math: addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Waldorf's beautiful math fairy tales and art projects help children create and solve their own word problems, building a strong foundation for future Algebra concepts.


Woodworking and Math: The children enjoy monthly woodworking projects including projects they design on their own. Woodworking allows the children to apply their math skills in a creative way.



Math Games: The children learn a variety of fun games to further develop their math skills. Games include: checkers, chess, backgammon, monopoly, chutes and ladders, mancala, cooperative yoga board games, Sleeping Queens etc.











Science: Science projects are also implemented into our Math program. Fun and practical science projects such as making bubbly potions, handmade lip balm and soaps allows students to apply math in a meaningful way.


The following are some of the materials and concepts that are covered in the program:

Sandpaper numerals

Golden Bead Materials

Learning the amount of tens units

Understanding Quantities from 1 to 10,000

Association of Quantity and Numerals

Four Operations - Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division

Operations with the Stamp Game

Bead Bars - used for multiplication and division








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