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Welcome to Juniper Tree...

where children learn through natural discovery


     Juniper Tree is a holistic enrichment program serving ages 5 to 13. Our program is inspired by holistic approaches to education which focus on the development of the whole child. Each child's unique gifts and abilities are respected and valued, while confidence, creativity and cooperative relationships are nurtured.

      At Juniper Tree we believe education is a personal journey for each family, so we have built a variety of program options, flexible schedules and opportunities for involvement, to support your journey. We proudly serve families who have chosen an alternative education, or homeschooling path.

     Juniper Tree is an approved vendor of Ocean Grove Charter School.  We are happy to support Ocean Grove Families. If you would like to learn more about Ocean Grove Charter School, please visit their website at:

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Why Choose Juniper Tree?

        Juniper Tree was created to provide a program with unique elements that are not often found in traditional schooling. It is a mixture of structured learning and free exploration. For our youngest children, academics are taught through art, music, drama and storytelling. As the children mature, imaginative play nurtured in the early years is transformed into innovative, higher-level intellectual thinking. Teaching methods adapt to the children's development and interests.

         Juniper Tree is unlike most home school programs in that we have a deep respect for play. For children as well as adults, play is when we are most creative, most engaged and most intensely focused. During our exploration periods, children are free to pursue their interests which allows for a free-flow of thoughts and ideas stimulating the development of higher-level thinking and creativity. A sense of beauty is woven throughout the day, inspiring a deep love for learning.  

        Juniper Tree is also unique in our focus on community and relationships. The children are given ample time for conversations that explore varied interests, ideas and social relationships. The children learn to share ideas, support one another, talk through disagreements and problem-solve together. Students can attend classes 2 to 5 full or half days a week, giving them opportunities to build meaningful friendships.

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